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February 17, 2012

NASP Summer Conferences


With the annual 2012 NASP convention coming up next week in Philadelphia it’s already time to put the Summer Conferences on your radar.  Last year the sessions in Indianapolis, Indiana began with session on behavior interventions and RTI with the second day including sessions on Cognitive Behavior strategies and one on Academic Interventions. The conference ended with an interesting session called Psychopharmacology for School Psychologists.  The second conference was in Atlantic City, New Jersey and started with a session called Integrating RTI with Cognitive Neuropsychology.  The presenter Steven G. Fiefer, has written a few books on the neuropsychology of LD and often presents at NASP conferences.  The second day had RTI sessions, and one called Pediatric Neuropsychiatric Conditions. The conference ended with sessions on legal issues.

This year the Summer Conferences will be July 9-11 in Denver Colorado and July 23-25 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Both of these venues are airport hubs.  Denver hosts United and Minneapolis has Delta.  So getting there from smaller cities might be a direct flight.  The schedule of conference sessions hasn’t been released but as you can see from last year they tend to be on important topics in the field.  Plus you can get CPD credits that are NASP, APA, and NBCC approved.  I’ll update you when the sessions have posted.


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