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Posts from the ‘Cognitive/Achievement’ Category


WJIII: Sound Administration

One question that comes up often at Woodcock-Johnson III (WJIII) trainings is the use of sound equipment.  For those unfamiliar with the WJIII, both the cognitive and the achievement batteries have tests that rely on the use of audio recordings.  The questions about this topic range from “am I required to use the audio recording” to “what kind of equipment should I use” and a few random questions about Read more »


WJIII Achievement: Two Common Errors

The WJIII is one of the easiest tests to administer.  It has both the administration instructions and the stimulus items in the same easel.  It’s astonishing that other publishers haven’t copied this elegant design. Instead we’re often confronted with an awkward manual and many different sized stimulus books.  However there are still some common errors that people make when administering Read more »


WJIII Cognitive: Sound Blending Advice

Some examiners report that, in their experience, the Sound Blending test “scores high.”  There’s probably more than one reason for this observation.  For example, it’s understood that cognitive abilities reflect aspects of prior knowledge and learning (some more than others). Our Speech Pathologists do a pretty good job of teaching phonological processing, so clearly Read more »