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Archive for February 2012


FFPI-C: Big 5 Applied To School Age Youth

The Five Factor Personality Inventory – Children (FFPI-C) is a personality inventory based on the Five Factor (Big 5) theory of personality. The test is normed for ages 9 years, 0 months to 18 years, 11 months.  It has 75 items that are rated on what might be referred to as a semantic differential scale between two opposing anchor statements.  The test is designed to be Read more »


NASP Summer Conferences

With the annual 2012 NASP convention coming up next week in Philadelphia it’s already time to put the Summer Conferences on your radar.  Last year the sessions in Indianapolis, Indiana began with session on behavior interventions and RTI with the second day including sessions on Cognitive Behavior strategies and one on Academic Interventions. The conference ended with Read more »


BDI-2: An Inventory of Advantages

The Battelle Developmental Inventory 2nd Edition (BDI-2) is a comprehensive test of early childhood developmental skills.  The original version was developed at the Battelle Memorial Institute (Columbus, Ohio laboratory) in 1973 through a contract with the U.S. Department of Education. The tool was designed to evaluate early childhood programs by assessing the developmental progress of Read more »

WJIII Diagnostic

WJIII Diagnostic Supplement: GIA-Edev

The WJIII Diagnostic Supplement provides 11 additional cognitive tests that together with the standard and extended Cognitive battery provide an additional 14 clusters.  Any number of those tests or clusters may prove useful when trying to tease out specific processing strengths and weaknesses.  However, when testing early childhood population the GIA-Edev provides Read more »